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William Ricketts Sanctuary

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Hidden away in a dense inlet along the winding Mt Dandenong Tourist Road is the internationally renowned William Ricketts Sanctuary. The sanctuary is not only one the Dandenong’s more iconic experiences, but one of the most inspiring and tranquil places on the mountain.

A quiet gentleman who had spent much time living with aboriginal communities in central Australia, William Ricketts created the sanctuary as a place for quiet reflection and replenishing the spirit. He believed that all Australians should adopt Aboriginal philosophies, respecting the spirituality of the mother earth and all things in the natural world. Some of his works throughout the grounds also depict his feelings on the takeover and devastation of white man into the natural environment.

Within the sanctuary grounds, there are over 90 different sculptures depicting the aboriginal people engaging with the earth in a pure forest setting. Carved into rocks and tree trunks that dot the paths that flow throughout the property, the themes in his artwork reflect his philosophies of connections with human, nature and the earth.

William Ricketts Sanctuary

Mt Dandenong, Melway Ref: 66 G1

For further information, important announcements and opening times, please visit William Ricketts Sanctuary at

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Check out Billy Connolly’s trip William Ricketts, a place he calls ‘the most impressive thing he’s seen in Australia.

William Ricketts SanctuaryWilliam Ricketts SanctuaryWilliam Ricketts SanctuaryWilliam Ricketts Sanctuary