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Autumn Crafts and Workshops in the Dandenongs

Autumn Crafts and Workshops in the Dandenongs

Autumn is an enchanting season, when our forests’ leaves transform from greens and browns into vibrant oranges and reds. Marvel at its breathtaking transformation at Alfred Nicholas Gardens, George Tindale Gardens or Rhododendron Gardens; or visit more remote Pirianda Gardens to take in this remarkable spectacle!

Recharge this autumn with an unforgettable weekend getaway in the Macedon Ranges. Enjoy food stalls, tours and musical events while relaxing among scenic forests and gardens.

Tesselaar KaBloom Festival of Flowers

The Tesselaar KaBloom Festival of Flowers is an extraordinary flower show where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of blooms with an entertaining circus flair. Established by third-generation family business Paul Tesselaar as part of his Dutch heritage contribution. A recent addition is SWAY Production’s Nouveau Flower Circus Bloom which promises to thrill and entertain both adults and children.

This floral spectacular will transform Silvan Farm into an extraordinary floral experience combining circus arts with blooming blooms. Visitors can explore five weeks’ worth of gorgeous autumn blooms on an area one and half times bigger than the MCG, from brilliant blue salvias, hot pink calibrachoas, delightful dahlias and towering sunflowers to magical marigolds, stunning snapdragons, charming cleomes darling delphiniums and heavenly hollyhocks – not forgetting an Easter egg hunt too.

SWAY’s circus artists will enthrall audiences daily, featuring aerialists, acrobats and mythical creatures. Plus children will love being involved through circus workshops from Ruccis Circus! Don’t forget the food stalls on-site as well as its nursery, souvenir shop and flower market offering bunches of seasonal blooms to take home!

Tickets include access to the flower fields as well as all shows, activities and workshops offered. There’s a cafe and picnic facilities with plenty of onsite parking; bring along a rug, chairs or picnic blanket to sit back and take in the show while relaxing with some Kabloom special ice cream – featuring swirls of dragonfruit soft serve mixed with vanilla soft serve decorated with sprinkles and lollies! For more information visit Tesselaar KaBloom website.

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Bright Autumn Festival

The Bright Autumn Festival is a ten day event which marks autumn in Victoria’s Alpine High Country and was first held in 1962, making it one of Australia’s oldest festivals. The purpose is to draw visitors into an otherwise quiet region at an event when there are typically few visitors present; many events and activities happen throughout this festival such as open gardens, farm tours, food and craft sales and children’s lantern processions at night followed by music events.

Festival is an amazing way to experience Victoria’s picturesque countryside at its best, with vibrant autumn leaves adorning trees and landscape. Families can come together and celebrate all that autumn offers Victoria.

This year, China and many Asian countries celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday September 29. This holiday marks an opportunity to give thanks, appreciate the moonlight with family and friends, and appreciate nature. Traditions associated with Mid-Autumn Festival vary according to region; some popular ones include giving round moon cakes as gifts; decorating temples; displaying plates of fruit on windowsills; stringing peach blossom branches (with clothes over them); hanging scarecrows; and wearing qipao (cheongsam).

Bright is an idyllic Victorian High Country town during autumn with vibrant reds to golden yellow hues adorning every street corner and poplar tree lining its long street – truly an impressive sight and definitely worthy of being visited as part of Australia’s autumn adventures! Bright makes a magnificent picture! During this season it becomes particularly breathtaking to view. Definitely Instagrammable spots are found there that must be visited during Australian autumn!

Beechworth offers more vibrant autumn foliage and breathtaking views, along with numerous heritage buildings and exquisite elm trees that bloom crimson hues during autumn – a fantastic spot for scenic drives or hiking through breathtaking countryside scenery.

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Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden is one of Victoria’s premier cool-climate gardens, boasting impressive collections of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and other plants. Part of traditional land for Wurundjeri people and maintained by Parks Victoria.

Harvest Moon Festival

The Harvest Moon Festival is celebrated throughout Asia and typically occurs during September or October when the moon is full at night. This festival honors harvest, family reunions under its light, as well as being an occasion to indulge in traditional foods like tangerines, oranges, and rice dumplings.

At this festival, the moon is revered and worshiped. People express their reverence by placing items towards it during rituals that honor Chang’e, the Moon Goddess. Some may feel that its beauty peaks during this period because it is closest to earth.

Mooncakes are an integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations, often decorated with imagery depicting Chang’e and other legends from Chinese mythology. Mooncakes can come with any variety of fillings ranging from classic lotus seed or egg yolk to truffles, foie gras or chocolate. Mooncakes have also become an international treat.

Other traditions vary by region, but the Mid-Autumn Festival is widely observed across China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam. South Koreans mark this public holiday for three days by lighting lanterns, enjoying tea with friends and fruits baskets before enjoying Songpyeon (stuffed rice cakes). Japan celebrates o-tsukimi or moon viewing festival during September/October as well.

Harvest Moon Festival can provide numerous advantages to both mind and body. The full moon’s glowing light reminds us of our own natural bounty and provides an opportunity to show our thanks for what abundance we do have in life. Additionally, its cyclical nature reinforces its concept of constant renewal; and provides an opportunity for reflection on personal journeys as well as contributing to global wellbeing.

Macedon Ranges Autumn Festival

The Macedon Ranges Autumn Festival is one of the newest additions to Victorian events calendar. Running from late March through 25 April 2022, its program boasts events, nature experiences and autumn produce throughout its shire. From immersive art displays and light shows to guided nature walks and workshops and classes – you’re bound to find something at this festival that’s worth experiencing!

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The festival highlights the region’s natural beauty through autumn leaf color trails, historic village scenic drives and artisan workshops. Additionally, ticketed experiences such as Cidersong Autumn Picnic at DV Cider, Gin Afternoon Tea at Big Tree Distillery and Celebration of Harvest with local winemakers are offered during this festival.

Macedon Ranges, known for its weekly farmers markets and cellar doors. Acclaimed restaurants and cafes can also be found here. Thanks to its cool climate region status, wines produced here are famed for their crisp fruit flavours and high levels of natural acidity.

The region is renowned for producing sparkling wines, with the 2021 vintage being widely recognized as one of the best ever produced in recent history. This was in large part due to cooler than normal temperatures allowing extended hang times and producing superior-quality sparkling wines.

At this festival, local vineyards open their doors for tours and tastings to the public. Visitors can experience the “Festival of Sparkling” at Mount Macedon Vineyard; taste wines from several cellar doors; or visit one of Mt Macedon’s private gardens such as Forest Glade Gardens, Duneira Estate or Viewfield which provide guests with an opportunity to appreciate its natural beauty.

Family-oriented events will also take place throughout the festival, such as storytime at Gisborne Library and Beasties petting zoo in Macedon Ranges Botanic Gardens; plus paranormal investigation ghost tours held by Kyneton Mechanics Institute and Kyneton Mechanics Institute. It’s a wonderful way to spend your weekends outside while taking advantage of autumn colors while connecting with community.