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Springtime Mountain Biking Trails in the Dandenongs

Springtime Mountain Biking Trails in the Dandenongs

The Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges provide an idyllic escape just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, providing hikers and mountain bikers alike a beautiful getaway, boasting lush forests, walking tracks, and wide fire trails for hiking and mountain biking adventures.

The park offers numerous mountain biking trails, such as its signature one in 20 climb that cyclists use as a personal best course. Numerous singletrack trails criss-cross all throughout its borders including towns like Sassafrass & Olinda.

1. Olinda via Woolrich Lookout

Dandenong Ranges are a veritable paradise for nature-lovers. Visitors can admire the scenery from lookouts, ride the historic Puffing Billy steam train, hike or bike through mountain ash and fern valleys or learn about local history in one of its villages – who knows? maybe you might even catch sight of an echidna!

Olinda via Woolrich Lookout trail is one of the area’s most beloved hikes. This breathtaking rainforest journey will lead you through tall trees and lush fern-filled gullies as it winds its way to its picturesque lookout at the end. While this moderate hike may prove challenging in parts, its rewards at its conclusion more than make up for any challenges along its journey – particularly its stunning panoramic views! Although some sections can get muddy due to weather conditions; waterproof shoes may come in handy on this path!

This trail is popular among runners and hikers, so it can become busy on weekends. Additionally, mountain bikers share this space so be courteous by giving them plenty of space. Also dog-friendly provided they remain leashed.

At RJ Hamer Arboretum lies this hidden treasure of a lookout that provides breathtaking views of the Dandenong Ranges. Two paintings from Heidelberg School depicting Olinda feature prominently here including “View From Farmer’s Olinda” and “Golden afternoon in Olinda”, making this an excellent spot to visit with family or friends for short strolls or longer hikes alike.

The Eagle Nest Picnic Ground offers the perfect setting to stop and have a picnic in Olinda Valley’s beauty, complete with electric barbecues, toilets, gazebo and various trails that start right from it – the Eagle Nest Walk (3 km one way), Valley Walk which only accommodates experienced walkers as well as its steeper variant Valley Walk which should only be attempted when experienced and fit enough walker are present.

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Melbourne residents looking for an escape can head just an hour north to this park and find hiking and cycling trails, plus spectacular picnic spots – everything they need for the perfect outdoor escape!

2. Mount Evelyn Loop

The Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges make for a breathtaking day trip from Melbourne, offering nature in all its beauty. Mountain ash forests, fern valleys, charming villages and horseback riders alike will find plenty to keep them active here – hikers, runners, cyclists and horseback riders will especially love exploring this region of mountain ash forests, fern valleys, charming villages and horseback riders can take advantage of its numerous trails. Hop aboard Puffing Billy steam train; admire views from One Tree Hill summit; picnic at Olinda Falls; best visit at end of spring or early summer when temperatures are cooler and flowers are in bloom – end or early summer is perfect!

This simple trail follows a fire trail through Dandenong Ranges National Park in eastern Victoria, Australia. It winds its way through lush forests and clear-running creeks before offering picturesque views and being popular with walkers, runners and mountain bikers. After rain showers this path can become muddy; hikers should wear appropriate footwear and consider adding walking poles for additional support.

Start your hike from Coles Ridge car park, beginning Lyrebird Track for one kilometre before branching off onto Neuman Road and winding through mountain ash forests before crossing an open meadow. Soon afterwards, rejoin Paddy Track and travel through more forests and tree ferns until reaching Mount Evelyn and its summit at 1.7 miles.

This moderate hike through Victoria’s Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges takes you through a lush rainforest in Australia’s state of Victoria. Popular among mountain bikers and runners, you may experience crowds on weekends when visiting. Shady trails in this area provide stunning views of mountains and forests in addition to offering wildlife sightings like fairy wrens, yellow-breasted robins, rosellas, as well as fairy wrens that enjoy perching high above them during winter months – making this park the ideal destination for a weekend break from Melbourne

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3. Silvan Reservoir Loop

Dandenong Ranges are an outdoor playground located east of Melbourne that provide hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders a tranquil sanctuary to explore on foot, bike or horseback. Boasting rolling hills, lush forests and fern valleys as the backdrop, these low mountains feature numerous picturesque villages tucked into them – enjoy exploring historic Puffing Billy railway, Mount Dandenong views or taking up One Tree Hill’s 1000 steps trail – you will never run out of things to do here!

Dandenong Ranges National Park’s Northern Section Loop Trail is an attractive option for walkers, runners, and cyclists who appreciate nature without the effort of climbing. Comprised primarily of wide fire trails with some fun sections of formed single track, this terrain varies between flat and rolling terrain; after heavy rainfall it may become muddy so appropriate footwear should be worn to ensure safe passage along this shared route which also features mountain bikers on weekends.

This popular trail forms part of Stonyford Creek Nature Walk and takes approximately half an hour to traverse. Featuring numerous picturesque lookouts and dense, tall eucalypt trees, it provides the ideal spot for a shady stroll through the mountains – and you may spot fairy wrens, yellow-breasted robins or even cockatoos along its route!

Silvan Reservoir Park is an idyllic getaway for families and friends seeking an escape from city life. Offering picnic areas, landscaped gardens and rotundas as well as plenty of open grass spaces and tall eucalypts to lounge under, visitors can also take a walk along Stonyford Creek Walking Track to view dam wall completed in 1953 and receive water from Thomson Reservoir (Upper Yarra), O’Shannassy Reservoir (O’Shannassy), Thomson Reservoir for Melbourne suburbs use.

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Silvan Reservoir Park forms part of the traditional land of the Wurundjeri people and Parks Victoria values their deep and lasting connection to it, along with their traditional owners’ ongoing caretaking of it. Please be aware that this park is smoke free.

4. Mount Dandenong Loop

Mount Dandenong Loop provides the ideal way to experience all that Dandenong Ranges National Park has to offer, combining rainforest and mountain views, the iconic 1000 Steps, Sherbrooke Falls, and Olinda Falls into one unforgettable hike. While long, its even grade means it won’t prove too challenging; you’ll pass through fern-filled gullies, forests of eucalypts, creek crossings, fern gullies and wind your way along fern-filled gullies before reaching Olinda Falls for an unforgettable hiking adventure! Don’t miss this iconic hike! It provides both natural beauty while challenging workout!

Mount Dandenong Loop can be found in the eastern portion of Dandenong Park near Montrose and is easily reached from Melbourne via short drives east. The park offers charming hilltop villages and forest retreats as well as numerous well-marked and easy trails that visitors can use as day trippers, making day-tripping an attractive option. In winter snowfall can occur regularly in higher areas.

Hike through the forest and take in its sights and sounds – from exotic trees at RJ Hamer Forest Arboretum, past Olinda Falls and Silvan Reservoir to Kyeema Track where you will reach Burke’s Lookout with views over Silvan Reservoir and park itself!

Once you’ve taken time to appreciate the views, continue along the trail until reaching the Fire Trail. This more challenging section of your hike should not be undertaken by novice hikers; if you feel up for it however, its views make the climb worth your while!

The park offers visitors an ideal chance to see an abundance of native animals, such as swamp wallabies, kangaroos, and the iconic lyrebird. Furthermore, several endangered species call this home, so keep an eye out for wildlife when hiking around!