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Sustainable Transport Options in the Dandenongs

Sustainable living means having less of an effect on our environment while living healthier, saving money, gaining new skills, and building community connections.

* Collaborating with key stakeholders to protect and enhance the ecological value of Greater Dandenong land.

* Ensuring all Council-owned buildings are energy and water efficient; where appropriate, new developments include best practice sustainability initiatives as part of their design.


Sustainable travelers looking for an authentic experience in the Dandenong Ranges may prefer public transit for getting around. Trains can reach Upper Ferntree Gully or Croydon where buses connect into the hills.

The Brumby government of Melbourne’s south-east has awarded a contract to produce 50 new E-Class trams – its first order since 1993 – as part of a project called Melbourne South-East Transit Infrastructure Services Project. These trams feature low floors, multiple Myki readers and greater passenger capacity compared with existing trams while using less energy and emitting less carbon than before; plus onboard energy storage capacity and regenerative braking to further lower power use and network costs.

Canadian transport giant Bombardier will build these trams, defeating French competitor Alstom in the tender. This contract will create up to 1,900 jobs in Victoria; manufacturing will occur at Dandenong plant and maintenance depot at Preston workshop of Yarra Trams.

Bombardier has long had an important history with local communities. For instance, in the 1970s they decorated 36 W-class trams as part of a community art project and more recently they have supported numerous charities and community groups through sponsorship agreements.

Bombardier employs over 10,000 worldwide, with nearly one quarter in Australia alone. Local operations such as its Dandenong manufacturing site boast an emphasis on safety; in particular safety is shared across management to front line employees according to McMillian. Furthermore, safety culture extends far beyond workplace environment to encompass all aspects of business operation; working closely with communities providing employment opportunities, education and training courses is another area where Bombardier excels.


As is often the case in Melbourne’s suburbs, Dandenongs receive less 7-day bus service than it deserves due to successive governments prioritising other areas when spending money to improve them.

At present, Route 800 in Dandenong would see the greatest patronage return on improvements, as it wouldn’t only benefit a handful of people at one or two stops. Unfortunately, it only runs twice per day during weekdays and never after 7. Conversely, many popular routes in Oakleigh, Mulgrave and Keysborough receive upgrades with much more frequent service, leaving Dandenong underserved.

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However, this despite the fact that routes like 813 and 828 boast higher weekend productivity than 25% of other routes when measured on a boardings per hour basis. Either the transport minister hasn’t noticed this misallocation of resources or there is no political will to change it.

Public transport offers the easiest access to Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens; simply catch a train to either Upper Ferntree Gully or Croydon and transfer to Olinda by bus, before walking along Olinda to Olinda Village to reach its main entrance of gardens. Alternatively, those wishing to experience more can walk from Upper Ferntree Gully station via Belgrave-Hallam Road, Monbulk Road Sherbrooke Road Mt Dandenong Tourist Road Ridge Road Observatory Road on foot before continuing by bus all the way up Mount Dandenong Tourist Road Ridge Road Observatory Road on foot to reach Mount Dandenong Village and Mt Dandenong Tourist Road/ Ridge Road/ Observatory Road before making their journey back through Belgrave-Hallam Road then taking another bus route back towards Mount Dandenong Station where you’ll then catch another bus that connects back into Olinda Village then walk your journey from Olinda Station then walk back out there where it all started; alternatively you could also use bus from either Upper Ferntree Gully or Croydon railway stations to Olinda before taking either bus route 7.8/8/8 Mount Dandenong via Belgrave-Hallam Road Monbulk Road Ridge Road Observatory Road until you arrive there to Mount Dandenong from Upper Ferntree Gully station via Belgrave-Hallam Road Mt Dandenong Tourist Road Ridge Road Observatory Road via Belgrave-Hallam Road then Observatory Road onto Mt Dandenong before walking until arriving back there before.


The Dandenongs offer nature lovers an idyllic escape, from rainforest-clad mountains and charming hilltop towns teeming with charm to an abundance of farm-to-table adventures that await foodies like you – local wineries and artisan bakeries, such as Proserpina Bakehouse in Ferny Creek offering fancy cakes, gourmet pizzas and tarts made with flour milled on site are just some examples of such adventures!

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Car rental in Dandenong provides the freedom to explore scenic destinations not easily reachable via public transport, such as Belgrave’s famed Puffing Billy Railway which runs daily rides through forest and picturesque villages lining its tracks.

For an exciting, active experience, visit Yarra Ranges National Park’s famous 1000 Steps Trail for a short hike or train ride from Dandenong. This captivating wilderness playground is home to majestic mountain ash trees, lush fern gullies, and charismatic wildlife such as lyrebirds, wallabies, and kookaburras – ideal for exploring in both summer or winter!

Car rental in Dandenong also makes exploring the charming towns and villages of the Dandenongs easier, such as Mount Dandenong, Healesville and Warburton. These charming places exude charm, making for an especially pleasant visit in late spring or early summer when leaves begin to turn golden-red in color.

Be mindful when driving in Dandenongs that the legal blood alcohol limit is 0.05% and penalties for drink driving can be severe. Car rentals from GoGet in Dandenong provide safe and reliable vehicles for your road trips; our fleet is regularly upgraded with new models to keep them at top performance. With novated leasing arrangements, vehicle repayments are automatically deducted from your salary before taxes are calculated so there’s never the worry of missing a payment or incurring late fees if payments go missed!


Walks are an ideal way to explore the breathtaking national parks and gardens of Dandenong Ranges. Enjoy leisurely strolls past tall trees, crystal clear creeks or waterfalls with majestic valley views below; spot local wildlife while feasting on gourmet picnic treats from regional producers; for something more challenging try scaling one of the National Park’s craggy peaks or rugged escarpments which provide rewarding climbs.

There are numerous short forest walks and family friendly activities throughout Yarra Ranges Council that can be easily reached using public transport, with some starting directly from train stations. SkyHigh offers one of Victoria’s premier natural viewpoints that is easily accessed via bus service; featuring bistro seating, pop up bar service, maze as well as ample lawn to picnic on!

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Explore the charming villages of Mount Dandenong, Olinda and Sassafras to find boutique shopping, cafes, restaurants, cosy pubs, wine bars, providores and grand hills homes as well as numerous lodging options such as cottages, cosy retreats and boutique hotels.

The Yarra Ranges National Park boasts some of the state’s most picturesque hiking trails. From the famous (but, in our opinion, overrated) 1000 Steps to Ferntree Gully Circuit with optional Olinda Falls Loop, there’s something here for everyone – from crossing creeks on moss-covered bridges and strolling boardwalks in lush fern gullies, all the way to watching out for Swamp Wallabies, Echidnas or, hopefully! Wombats!


Cycling is a highly beneficial, low-cost and enjoyable mode of transportation. Cycling builds leg muscles while improving balance, coordination and endurance – not to mention being social and fun! One 30-minute ride can burn between 200-400 calories which can help individuals lose or maintain weight!

Greater Dandenong offers an abundance of cycling routes and facilities, as well as several community cycling organisations that support riders of all ages and abilities to get out and enjoy cycling.

No matter the occasion or desire, there’s something in the Dandenongs to suit everyone – from flat, smooth trails to challenging uphill hikes. Mount Dandenong trails boast hidden gullies, parrot chirping parrots and heavy tree ferns; providing the ideal escape from city life.

Dandenong Hills hills just got easier thanks to progress on the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road safety improvements project, which will reduce friction between cyclists and motorists on narrow uphill grades.

The Greater Dandenong Cycling Strategy aims to encourage more people to bike within its municipality by improving opportunities and infrastructure that foster cycling culture. Its high-level objectives and actions were determined with input from community stakeholders – including feedback received via Council’s Crowd Spot Map engagement tool – while an internal steering committee was formed to ensure the strategy’s guiding themes, structures and action plans priorities remain relevant and responsive to community needs. Implementation will take place via annual budget processes set by Council.