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What to See and Do in the Dandenongs

The Dandenong Ranges are a low mountain range in Victoria, Australia. The highest peak, Mount Dandenong, is 633 meters high. Mount Dandenong is located 35 km east of Melbourne, Victoria. There are a number of things to do and see in the Dandenongs.

Birdsland Reserve

The Birdsland Reserve is a 75 hectare bushland reserve in the southern Dandenong Ranges. The area was originally home to the Wurrundjeri people and was cleared for grazing and crop production about 150 years ago. In the 1940s, the Birds family bought the reserve and began farming sheep on it. In 1981, the Shire of Sherbrooke purchased the property. In 1984, the reserve was opened to the public. Over 200 species of native plants and animals call the Birdsland Reserve their home.

In addition to the birds, the Birdsland Reserve is also home to a cultural centre. The Burrinja Arts Centre features a 400-seat theatre and gallery spaces. The Burrinja is a vibrant community cultural center that hosts a variety of activities including arts, workshops and community arts.

The Dandenong Ranges are home to many native plants and animals. While hiking in the area, look for a variety of species of birds and native animals in Sherbrooke forest. There are many different walks that will take you through the forest. Other popular sites in the area include the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens and Sherbrooke Falls.

Lake Emerald Park

Lake Emerald Park is one of the Dandenongs’ premier parks and is a popular destination for visitors. It features a stunning lake and an abundance of flora and fauna. It is a fantastic place to take family and friends for a picnic and a walk. During the summer, it also features a wading pool.

This park is a pleasant hour’s drive from Melbourne and has a number of activities for visitors. The lake is the park’s central feature and is surrounded by a variety of picnic areas, walking and cycling trails. Visitors can also take a paddle boat or rent a water bicycle to tour the lake. The park is open all year, but can get busy on weekends.

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The community is home to a Kindergarten and Pre School with over 400 students, and a community hall. Emerald also has its own library, the Worrell Reserve, part of the Casey Cardinia Library Corporation. The Emerald Community House has a range of programs and services for adults including pre-accredited ACFE training courses and hobby courses. It also hosts a tennis and netball club. In addition, there is a Kreationz Cheerleading and Dance School. This group performs for local events.

Emerald Lake is a popular destination for families with young children, and is a popular spot for picnics and active days out. Its location near the Puffing Billy railway line and nearby lakes Treganowan and Nobelius makes it an ideal family destination. The park is also home to an Environment Centre and model railway with a famous Puffing Billy train station.

1000 Steps walking track

The 1000 Steps walking track is an iconic walk located in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. This track was created to commemorate the 625 Australian soldiers who died in World War II’s ‘Kokoda’ campaign in New Guinea. While the walk takes you through the lush green vegetation of the Dandenongs, you can also learn about its history.

Located in Ferntree Gully, the 1000 Steps walking track is a popular destination for nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike. This trail is made up of a series of steep steps that were constructed using tree fern trunks in the early 1900s. This trail is steep and requires a certain amount of physical fitness.

There are several parking options, but finding a space to park is an issue. Mount Dandenong Tourist Road is notoriously busy, and the 1000 Steps car park is usually full of cars. Parking at One Tree Hill is the closest parking lot. Alternatively, you can use public transport to get to the 1000 Steps car park.

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Getting to the start of the 1000 Steps section is easy. The track has benches and water bottle refill stations to keep you hydrated. It takes between 40 minutes and an hour to walk the entire track at a reasonable pace. It starts out easy and slowly gets steeper as you go. You can imagine admiring the view while climbing the steps. Near the end, you can see farmlands and bodies of water. You may be surprised by how high you’ve come! Be aware that the steepness of the steps makes them a tad bit slippery after rain.

While the 1000 Steps walking track is a popular tourist destination, the best time to visit is midweek or early in the morning. Getting to the track is easy and convenient, but parking can be a challenge, especially if you are in a rush. It’s a fantastic half day walk that can be enjoyed by any fitness level.

Kokoda Track Memorial Walk

The Kokoda Track Memorial Walk in the beautiful Dandenongs is an ideal place to remember Australian soldiers who fell in the Pacific War. Located in a lush forest, the track is lined with plaques honoring Australian soldiers. The walk takes approximately four hours and is a great way to spend some time with family.

The Kokoda Track Memorial Walk is part of the Dandenong Ranges National Park. It commemorates the men who lost their lives on the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea during World War II. It follows the route of the old Kokoda Track to One Tree Hill. The tracks are based on the actual Kokoda Track and extend up the 1000 Steps and Tree Fern Gully.

The Kokoda Track Memorial Walk is one of the most popular walks in the Dandenongs. This walk is located near Upper Ferntree Gully, 30 km south of the Melbourne CBD. The walk starts with a massive stone and timber memorial arch. The arch is constructed of large bush timbers and reflects the rustic style that was popular in many parks in the interwar era.

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The walk is a three-kilometre journey. There are cafes along the way. OneAdventure recommends carrying some cash for refreshments and toilets. It is a popular attraction among keep-fit enthusiasts. For those with children, there is also a playground and cafe at the foot of the track. You can also park your car in the carpark, which opens at 7am and closes at 9pm.

The Kokoda Track Memorial Walk is one of the most popular hiking trails in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. The track runs through bushlands and forested areas. At the end, it comes to a scenic point at One Tree Hill Picnic Ground. It is best visited early in the morning when it is quiet, so you can enjoy the tranquility of the rainforest.

Trees Adventure Park

Trees Adventure Park is a treetop playground located in the Dandenong Mountains. This Melbourne attraction is perfect for children of all ages. It offers a variety of challenges, ranging from flying foxes to tight ropes. The courses increase in difficulty from easy to difficult.

Located in the treetops of the Dandenongs, Treetops Adventure has more than 100 challenges for adventure seekers to try. It includes 23 flying foxes and seven long and two short courses. The park also has six vertical challenges. The courses range from two to twelve metres high.

Trees Adventure is Australia’s largest tree ropes and zipline adventure park. It is located in Belgrave near the Puffing Billy Railway and offers various thrills and challenges from the treetops. Trees Adventure is home to a 150-year-old Algerian Oak, where visitors begin their high-wire adventure.