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Yoga and Wellness Retreats in the Dandenongs

Maintaining wellness can be challenging during winter. Low temperatures and shorter days may reduce physical activity. But prioritizing wellness in this period is crucial to overall health.

Victoria offers world-class health and wellness retreats for you to detox, relax, or alter your nutritional habits – Hepburn Bath House & Spa and Mornington Peninsula Natural Hot Springs are two outstanding examples that offer both day visits as well as longer wellness retreat stays.

Day 1

Refresh yourself from the hustle and bustle with a luxurious retreat set amidst Warburton Ranges with spectacular hill views of Mount Dandenong – High Grange is both comfortable and peaceful, providing you with the opportunity to explore local attractions such as SkyHigh Mount Dandenong, Tree Fern Gully Track, William Ricketts Sanctuary while still having access to comforts such as indoor pool/spa combo, large living area with wood fire as well as an indoor pool/spa combo and even its own wood fireplace!

Tom Cronin will lead this retreat, guiding participants in deep practice of meditative stillness through Vedic Rounding and knowledge talks on wellness, nutrition and yogic philosophy. With its focus on self-care and relaxation techniques, this retreat provides an excellent winter escape designed to reconnect and rebalance.

Day 2

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Mount Dandenong during this retreat filled with relaxation, yoga and wellness activities. Take an early morning stroll in nature before awakening your inner fire with an invigorating breathwork/vinyasa yoga session to help ignite it further. Spend the rest of the day at leisure – hot air ballooning, hiking tours through renowned wine regions or exploring Healesville Sanctuary/TarraWarra Museum of Art/Puffing Billy dinner cruise may all be available as optional activities!

Refresh and revitalize your spirit with a sound bath of crystal singing bowls to soothe away tension and build resilience and inner warmth; perfect for welcoming the stillness of winter!

Day 3

Though getting outdoors during the winter can be a struggle, getting some sunlight and fresh air can do wonders for your mood, provide vitamin D benefits and improve overall well-being. Try setting aside time during your day for walking or going to a park.

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Take time out for yourself with an immersive 5-night/4 night retreat in Victoria’s picturesque Dandenong Ranges. Recharge both body and mind through daily yoga classes, Vedic Rounding (an ancient meditation technique), knowledge talks and workshops; plus meals, accommodation and coaching sessions! All services included!

Winter may be cold and dark, but it can also be an opportunity to slow down, appreciate simple pleasures, and build connections. By prioritizing wellness even during this cold and dark time of year, you will find it easier to feel your best all year round.

Day 4

Winter can be a challenging season for many; between its low temperatures and short days, it is easy to feel trapped indoors and let wellness slip by unattended. However, prioritising wellness by remaining physically active, eating healthily, and prioritising mental wellbeing are all ways you can stay positive all throughout the season.

Stay Connected

Staying connected to family and friends during winter can be key to mental wellbeing. Make time to spend together by setting aside an afternoon for soup or movie watching at home, or practicing hygge (the Danish concept of coziness and wellbeing), such as lighting scented candles, sipping herbal tea or listening to soothing tunes.

Discover a charming farmstay cottage at the foot of Dandenong Ranges National Park just 45 minutes from Melbourne city. Here, nature and nurture come together in this unforgettable farm experience, including regenerative micro flower farms, fern creeks, vegetable gardens and even animal companions to bring country living alive!

Day 5

Rejuvenate and restore with Tom, Joey and the retreat team as you upgrade your yoga practice, dive deeper into meditational stillness, attend knowledge talks and workshops, as well as attend uplifting meditation, yoga classes, Vedic rounding techniques such as pranayama as well as exploring this stunning eco villa! Each day will include time for relaxing meditations, Vedic rounding practices as well as time to discover its beautiful setting!

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Physical activity should be an essential part of life all year round, but especially so in winter. Exercise can boost immune systems while combatting Seasonal Affective Disorder by producing endorphins that improve mood.

Forestis Spa, set amidst snow-sprinkled forests, draws upon nature’s magic with an Iyachi dome from Japan, Wellsystem sauna and indoor/outdoor rock pool that overlooks frost-covered trees to offer wellness in harmony with nature.

Day 6

As days shorten and cold air sets in, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Making wellness a top priority during these colder months is therefore paramount.

Moving in the sun and increasing physical activity can help strengthen immunity, enhance mental wellbeing, and boost energy levels. Furthermore, eating seasonal produce offers many health advantages.

An added step in detoxing is attending a detox retreat that allows you to indulge in luxurious pampering at a spa. The best retreats combine spa services, yoga classes, naturopathy services and healthy eating for an holistic wellness experience – Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, Metung Hot Springs and Alba Thermal Springs and Spa all offer detox retreats at beautiful locations.

Day 7

Colder temperatures and shorter days may leave us feeling trapped indoors, but there are plenty of outdoor activities available to us. Visit Rayner’s Orchard in Woori Yallock or Warrantina Lavender Farm for fresh fruit to bring along on picnics; alternatively take a drive through the mountains while sampling some of our region’s best wine!

Take part in hygge, the Danish concept that promotes community and warmth during winter. Make a habit of lighting scented candles, curling up with a good book, listening to soothing tunes, and prioritising self-care by scheduling regular massages.

At times of low temperature and falling temperatures, it can be easy to lose focus of health goals and indulge in comfort foods like casseroles and pies. But remember that wellness is all about finding balance – one indulgence does not define your healthy lifestyle! Set aside time for physical activity as well as nutritious foods which promote overall well-being and resilience.

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Day 8

Winter is an excellent time to visit Melbourne’s mountains, whether that means scaling 1000 Steps Walk or riding Puffing Billy Train – either way you will discover stunning scenic beauty just an hour from home!

Nature enthusiasts will savor Healesville Sanctuary’s towering mountain ash forests and lush fern gullies, while gourmands can indulge in gourmet cuisine and wine tasting at local eateries. Gastronomes may also stop in for wine tasting at local eateries. Healesville Sanctuary provides visitors with the chance to observe native wildlife such as koalas and kangaroos!

Staying Active

Achieve winter wellness requires striking a balance between staying warm and taking care of yourself from within out. Engaging your brain through crossword puzzles or word searches and getting moving physically by running in the park; or gather with loved ones over intimate dinner parties and movie nights.

Day 9

Winter in the mountains can be a spectacularly beautiful experience, filled with snow-covered trails and festive celebrations. However, this time of year also presents challenges that could compromise our health and well-being; keeping active, eating a nutritious diet, and prioritizing mental wellbeing will allow us to face winter with resilience and vitality.

Stay Hydrated

Dry winter air can make it hard to keep our sinuses clear, leading to bronchitis and sinusitis. A humidifier, saline sprays and gentle nasal irrigation can all help us breathe easier.

Escape to a charming farmhouse cottage at the base of Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges for an unforgettable family-friendly farmstay cottage experience! Boasting a regenerative micro flower farm, vegetable gardens and various animal friends – you will feel completely immersed in country living of Victoria’s Yarra Valley!